Wheel House & Cycle Monkey

Welcome to our Wheel House! Wheel building is central to Cycle Monkey. Here, we feature hand-built wheels that are made to order for our customers - either for existing bikes or complete bike packages. Check out The Monkey Lab to see complete bikes that feature Cycle Monkey wheels and other products.

Monday, May 30, 2016

MTB: 29er Derby Carbon Rims with SP Dynamo & DT Swiss hubs

MTB: 29er Derby Carbon Rims with Shutter Precision Dynamo & DT Swiss 350 Hubs

Intended use: Bikepacking & trail riding with dynamo charging and/or lighting option
Features: Light-weight carbon rims, dynamo, and bladed spokes
Recommended rider weight: <200 lbs
Wheel Size: 29er

Wheel build details
   Rims: Derby Cycles Carbon
   Front hub: Shutter Precision PD-8X dynamo
   Rear hub: DT Swiss 350
   Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
   Nipples: Aluminum
   Lacing: 3 cross

Destination: Mammoth, CA

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cargo Trailer: Velocity Dually Rims with Velocity Thru-Axle Hubs

29" Cargo Trailer Wheels
   Intended use: Serious hauling
   Recommended cargo wt: ~200 lbs
   Wheel Size: 29"

Wheel build details
   Rims: Velocity Dually
   Hubs: Velocity
   Spokes: Sapim Race
   Nipples: Sapim Brass
   Lacing: 3 cross

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MTB: 26+ Velocity Dually Rims with Profile Racing Hubs

26+ MTB Wheel Set
   Intended use: Sand, snow & trail riding
   Features: Double-wall rims for increased stiffness and tubeless ready
   Recommended rider weight: <200 lbs.
   Wheel Size: 26"

Wheel build details
   Rims: Velocity Dually Rim
   Hubs: Profile Racing Elite
   Spokes: Sapim Race
   Nipples: Sapim Brass
   Extras: Surly Dirt Wizard 26" Tires (not shown)

Destination: Burnham, PA

Monday, May 9, 2016

29+ Trail Wheelset: Surly Bikes 29" Rabbit Hole Rims with Chris King Components ISO Hubs

29+ Trail Wheelset
   Intended use: Trail
   Features: 50mm wide, strong and stable
   Recommended rider weight: <250
   Wheel Size: 29"

Wheel build details
   Rims: Surly Bikes, Rabbit Hole
   Front hub: Chris King ISO Disc
   Rear hub: Chris King ISO Disc
   Spokes: Sapim, double-butted
   Nipples: Sapim, Brass
   Lacing: front 3-Cross // rear 3-Cross

Destination: Local Bay Area

Monday, May 2, 2016

36" Wheelset For DirtySixer Bikes: Nimbus Stealth2 Rims with Novatech and Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 XL

36" Wheelset for DirtySixer Bikes
   Intended use: Road/Tour/Gravel
   Features: IGH: Durable and
   dependable hassle-free gear hub
   Recommended rider weight: <350
   Wheel Size: 36"

Wheel build details
   Rims: Nimbus Stealth2
   Front hub: Novatech 150mm
   Rear hub: Rohloff SPEEDHUB
   500/14 XL
   Spokes: Sapim Leader
   Nipples: Sapim, Brass
   Lacing: front 3-Cross //
   rear 2-Cross

Destination: Santa Cruz, CA