Wheel House & Cycle Monkey

Welcome to our Wheel House! Wheel building is central to Cycle Monkey. Here, we feature hand-built wheels that are made to order for our customers - either for existing bikes or complete bike packages. Check out The Monkey Lab to see complete bikes that feature Cycle Monkey wheels and other products.

Build Process

By breaking the wheel building process into its components and optimizing each step to get the best end result, we take an analytic approach that doesn't involve any of the black magic mystic that many people associate with building wheels.  No matter what type of wheel you are after, we will build it with unmatched attention to detail.  Above all, we focus on balanced spoke tension, which is the most important factor for a strong, durable wheel.

We measure every spoke to ensure that each has high enough tension to hold the wheel together as well as falling into a tight tension tolerance range to prevent premature spoke failures.  We also maintain tight tolerances for lateral and radial run out (true-ness and roundness), but these come secondary to balanced spoke tension.  A wheel that spins perfectly on the truing stand is easy to build, but may not be one that holds up.  If rims cannot meet run out tolerances without interfering with spoke tension balance, we will reject them and start again.  The end result is a wheel or wheelset that typically does not need any adjustment for the life of the wheel/wheelset.  We back this claim up with a two-year guarantee against defects in craftsmanship.