Wheel House & Cycle Monkey

Welcome to our Wheel House! Wheel building is central to Cycle Monkey. Here, we feature hand-built wheels that are made to order for our customers - either for existing bikes or complete bike packages. Check out The Monkey Lab to see complete bikes that feature Cycle Monkey wheels and other products.


Wheels make a huge impact on the way a bike rides, arguably as much as the frame itself.  A great frame with a poor wheelset will not ride well and a mediocre frame with a great wheelset can ride very nicely.  Hand-built wheels can be tailored to meet the needs of an individual based on their weight, riding style, power output, intended use, and personal preferences.  The shape of the rim impacts weight, stiffness, strength, and aerodynamic performance of the wheel.  The shape and number of spokes have a similar effect, while the shape/geometry of the hub influences the stiffness of the wheel.  Different hubs are lighter/heavier, build a stronger/weaker rim, have better/worse durability, and rear hubs have different amounts of freewheel noise.  All of these components are available in a variety of prices, colors, and materials.  By selecting the components that meet your budget and riding goals, we can build wheels that are the best for you.

By contrast, stock factory wheel systems offer a one size fits all approach.  Since they are pre-packaged, they must be built to handle a wide range of rider weights instead of being tailored for an individual rider.  Unless you happen to meet the sweet spot of their design attributes, these wheels can be too stiff/uncomfortable, heavier than they need to be, too flexy, or too fragile.  These wheels also typically use proprietary components that are expensive to replace and are not easily sourced; worse, when the new generation of wheel system is released from a manufacturer, replacement parts for previous generations may be discontinued rendering the older wheel un-repairable.

We use standardized parts for all of our wheels that can be easily serviced by any competent bike shop/wheelsmith around the globe.  While we do have a number of typical wheel packages for common applications, all wheels are built to order for the individual rider with spoke types and counts adjusted accordingly. Our standard approach is to have a conversation with each rider to understand his or her individual preferences, riding style, and physical attributes, and then recommend and build a set of wheels that will work best for that rider.  If you know exactly what you want, we can build that too.